We focus on store builders!

The right product in the right place benefits both the store and the consumer. That’s why ESSVE were among the first in the business to focus on space management – the method of optimizing the shelves in the stores. Now we take yet another step and hire two store builders in order to meet the increased demand from you. Meet our Space Manager Pieter Kjellberg further down in this newsletter.

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ESSVE Products

Roofing screw DECOR with Pan Head

ESSVE Roofing screw DECOR has a reduced flange head for fastening of tin profile sheets to a wooden surface as well as for tin on tin (overlap). The screw is made of zinc plated hardened carbon steel with a coat of polyester powder. It has an EPDM- seal for weatherproof application. It has a low pan head with a Ø14.0 mm and is shaped so that the EPDM-rubber is concealed once the screw is in place. This head provides an esthetically pleasing result when you do not want a visible hexagonal head. The screw has a TX25 recess.


Wafer head screw with pan head

Stainless screw with stainless washer for mounting of:

1) Drip edge to bargeboard or tin bargeboard onto a wooden surface.
2) Light- gauge sheet onto light-gauge sheet in outdoor applications.

The screw is made of a stainless steel AISI 410 and the washer in stainless steel A2 with a black EPDM-seal.


The product catalogue is not available in English. This link is to the Swedish version.
An English version will be available at a later date.

Pieter Kjellberg and our new store builders: Lucas Kjellberg 23 år and André Carlson, 22 år….

… Pieter Kjellberg, ESSVE’s Space Manager since 2010.

Why is space management needed? “It’s an absolute necessity for a store to run properly. It can’t be emphasized enough. Optimized sales space is particularly important in our industry since time is money. No one benefits from shelf warmers.

So what defines good space management at ESSVE?

“We decided to make a clean start. From the left we started off with fasteners for weak materials such as plaster. On the far right you will find fasteners for more permanent materials such as concrete. In order to make it even more intuitive, we have bundled products together into clear concepts that are shown on large signs, clearly visible labels and buyer’s guides that explain the areas of the products’ applications.”


ESSVE downloaded

We have never seen so many downloads of our very own wallpapers from our site. Glad so many of you want to wallpaper your computer with us. Here are some tasting samples …


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