Roofing screw DECOR with Pan Head



ESSVE Roofing screw DECOR has a reduced flange head for fastening of tin profile sheets to a wooden surface as well as for tin on tin (overlap). The screw is made of zinc plated hardened carbon steel with a coat of polyester powder. It has an EPDM- seal for weatherproof application. It has a low pan head with a Ø14.0 mm and is shaped so that the EPDM-rubber is concealed once the screw is in place. This head provides an esthetically pleasing result when you do not want a visible hexagonal head. The screw has a TX25 recess.


Upon application the screw should not be pulled to tightly. It can damage the EPDM-seal, which in turn jeopardizes the weatherproof mounting. Recommended rotation speed: 1,000 – 2,500/min.

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