Space management

… Pieter Kjellberg, ESSVE’s Space Manager since 2010. 

Why is space management needed? “It’s an absolute necessity for a store to run properly. It can’t be emphasized enough. Optimized sales space is particularly important in our industry since time is money. No one benefits from shelf warmers.

So what defines good space management at ESSVE?

“We decided to make a clean start. From the left we started off with fasteners for weak materials such as plaster. On the far right you will find fasteners for more permanent materials such as concrete. In order to make it even more intuitive, we have bundled products together into clear concepts that are shown on large signs, clearly visible labels and buyer’s guides that explain the areas of the products’ applications.”

Why are the ESSVE shelves at the back of the store?

“It’s absolutely no coincidence. Nails and screws are the dairy products of construction retail and customers buy it often and in large quantities. It’s clear-cut logic.

Can you explain the process of rebuilding a store?

As a space manager I am the one who initiate the process. I use a clever software solution called Spaceman in order to create a customized assortment suggestion for each store. Once I feel happy with the result the store builders take over.

Is it the increased demand that drives the extension of the team?

“That’s right, and in order to meet the need we now hire the builders that we previously took in on a temp basis.”

Finally, what are the builders’ names?

– Lucas Kjellberg who is 23 years old and André Carlson, 22.

 During 2013 the space group has:

•       Built 124 stores

•       Built 1594 sections

•       Built more than 8000 shelves (about 8 km shelves)

•       Changed places of an excess of 55.000 article numbers.

•       Changed products equivalent to 300.000 ESSBOX-packages.

•       Lifted 100 metric tons worth of products!

Contact your local sales rep for rebuilding inquiries.

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