Signs of spring all around!

Rarely does spring arrive this early. Signs of spring have sprung all over the country. At our place we know that it’s spring once the orders of seasonal products such as decking screw pick up. We’re there already! The entire local construction industry is several weeks ahead with their purchases compared to previous years. We have even had to increase the number of staff at our warehouse in order to handle the load. The order inflow, in combination with positive growth figures for the construction industry, makes our positive view on 2014 appear even brighter.

Best regards,
Pontus Boman
CEO ESSVE Produkter

New convenient adhesive

ESS Bond HSA attaches onto most types of materials such as wood, glass, metal, concrete, brick, ceramic and plastic (not PE, PP or teflon). Free from isocyanates, phtalates and solvents. ESS Bond HSA is not to be mistaken for one of our own products from the ESSTACK-range, but is a more fluid mounting adhesive with its focus on being an easy to apply adhesive with good load bearing capacity. ESS Bond stands the test of weather and time very well and is also approved for applications in which it comes into contact with food. Available in white, grey and black

Wood screw now available in plastic bucket

In order to get ready for all of the projects of summer we have stocked a number of our high-runners in green plastic buckets. We’re talking about a number of wood screws for outdoor use with a countersunk head.

Ultraflex goes ESS Flex Ultra

Our classic sealant ’Ultraflex’ changes names to ESS Flex Ultra. It is an elastic adhesive and a polymer technology based joint sealant (MS). ESS Flex Ultra is available in 11 different colors.

FireSeal launches new fire barrier pillow

Temporary fireseal of lead-throughs on work sites. The fire barrier pillows are available in two sizes. Chose between 5, 10 and 25 pillows per package.

Adhesive ESS Tack EASY

Now we launch our instant grab, fast hardening adhesive, ESS Tack Easy in a 6-pack! The adhesive quickly offers load-bearing capacity (220 kg instantly). It is easier to extract from the cartridge than other ’High Tack-products’, which makes it more convenient to use at lower temperatures.

Areas of application
The adhesive is suitable for most applications in construction, marine, industry, bodywork and trade/craft. It is approved for use in contact with food. Apply in dots or strings, not for full surface use. Will not damage delicate materials such as cellular plastic or plate glass. The initial hardening happens very quickly and therefore the mounting must take place immediately. As the hardening happens as a result of humidity and is dependent upon the temperature it will take longer when it is colder. At normal room temperature and humidity many application can carry a moderate load after about a half hour to a couple of hours. For further information please refer to the technical datasheet and safety datasheet.

Sneak peak on our ESS Tack-shorties

Around midsummer we will release ESS Tack CLEAR and ESS Tack EASY in mini-packages…

Wafer head screw

Stainless screw with stainless washer for mounting of drip-edge onto wooden bargeboard or tin. Available in five different colors.


We often say that you can store just about anything in the ESSBOX. We share all kinds of suggestions and fun ideas in our new inspirational brochure.

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Did you know that…

..ESSVE has been on the market since 1970? And that we offer an excess of 40,000 products?