byggpallAs of September ESSVE has joined the recycle system “Byggpall” that means that we from now on offer both EUR-pallet and “Byggpall” in Sweden. Prices and recycling compensations are set by the trade-organizations Sveriges byggindustrier (BI), Sveriges bygg- and järnhandlareförbund (SBJF) as well as Byggmaterialindustrierna.

Byggpall whole pallet 1,200 x 800 mm: 83 SEK/pc
Byggpall half pallet 800 x 600 mm: 70 SEK/pc

Recycle compensation:
Byggpall whole pallet 1200 x 800 mm 50 SEK/pc
Byggpall half pallet 800 x 600 mm 40 SEK/pc

The compensation for all pallets is the same regardless of the shape they are in. That means that a pallet that is broken or in bad condition still will receive the same compensation. For further information please contact the recycle system “Byggpall pallaktör Norrlandspall” AB at +46-20-27 00 00, or .

When deliveries from other B&B TOOLS-companies are shipped together “Byggpall” will be used if it is pre-selected at one of the companies. In order to select “Byggpall” from ESSVE or if you have other questions please contact ESSVE customer service or your local sales rep.

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