What do you think of when I say ESSBOX, ESSTACK and CUTTERS? Exactly, a few of ESSVE’s all time greatest launches. Now it’s time again. In the picture to the left you see the product that will become the next ESSVE mega hit: Nails guns developed for use in wooden constructions in a Nordic climate. They are so awesome that most of the other guns mysteriously disappeared when the test pilots were done. This fall you will see professionals use our green nail gun at exhibitions, on TV and during demo days at you store. While you wait for our great campaign offer you can read about how the nail guns contributed in the construction of Sweden’s most talked about house!
Pontus Boman

Nail guns fit for the Nordic climate

Our extensive experience from working with different brands of nail guns told us that there was a gap to be filled on the Nordic construction market.  We knew that you carpenters wanted a selection that’s adjusted to our particular climate. After six months worth of tough testing, conducted by professional carpenters in a winter climate, we are certain that we are launching the best range of nail guns:

  • A complete range of nail guns for all the wooden house needs.
  • A complete solution with nails, gas cartridge and compressed air.
  • Easy-to-use service kits – do it yourself or bring it to the shop. It’s the customers’ choice.
  • Ergonomic industry design, fully loaded with smart features.
  • QR-code and instruction films.

Check out our introduction campaign and sortilog!

In our sortilog* below we tell you more about the selection, features, service concepts, compressors and other accessories. The great offers in our campaign brochure* are valid until the end of March 2015!

*Only available in Swedish at this moment.

ESSVE nail guns have built Sweden’s most talked about house!

Norway’s largest wood producer wanted to create a showroom in the form of an architect-designed non-prefabricated wooden house, ‘Villa Moelven’. In order to keep the productivity high, to be in control of the consumption and prevent delayed deliveries they needed an on site container concept. ESS-CON was in a class of its own compared to the competition.

“They were very happy about how our container concept supplied the carpenters with a customized and always fully stocked selection of supplies and tools on site. We told them about our future success launch and offered the construction team to test the new product range, says Mattias Sebell, Marketing Manager at ESSVE.

A week later every construction worker had a green gun in his och her hand.


Soon you’ll see green on the TV screen!

Since 2008 professional carpenters have used ESSVE’s products on different construction TV-shows. This fall you’ll see them in four of the top shows: Äntligen Hemma, Sommar med Ernst, Bygglov and Roomservice.

“In this year’s season of Roomservice the dynamic duo Johnnie and Mattias will build an entire house which will show the full range of our nail gun selection as well as showcasing the benefits of ESS-CON”, says Mattias Sebell, Marketing Manager at ESSVE.

The catcher in the rye

Last week this photo was sent to us from Vilnius, Lithuania. It depicts our green ESSVE-pickup truck coming to the rescue of Lithuania’s best racecar driver, Benediktas Vanagas, who crashed his Toyota Hillux during practice for the Dakar Rally. Yes, you can rely on us in both rain and shine.