ESSVE nail guns have built Sweden’s most talked about house!


Norway’s largest wood producer wanted to create a showroom in the form of an architect-designed non-prefabricated wooden house, ‘Villa Moelven’. In order to keep the productivity high, to be in control of the consumption and prevent delayed deliveries they needed an on site container concept. ESS-CON was in a class of its own compared to the competition.
“They were very happy about how our container concept supplied the carpenters with a customized and always fully stocked selection of supplies and tools on site. We told them about our future success launch and offered the construction team to test the new product range, says Mattias Sebell, Marketing Manager at ESSVE. A week later every construction worker had a green gun in his or her hand.

This is how the team behind Moelven describes the collaboration with ESSVE on their website: “The container concept, in combination with the ESSBOX System, is an invaluable asset for each construction project. Add to that the support team at ESSVE and everything else suddenly seems amateurish.”
The load-bearing frame in Villa Moelven consists of pillars, beams and joist floors in laminated wood. Everything is visible in the entire house, requiring the nail guns to perform extremely well. “It’s awesome that our green guns have contributed in a project that salutes the natural resources from the forest, traditional construction techniques and environmentally friendly solutions”, says Mattias.

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