ESSVE is Easy, Safe and more Profitable

It’s the beginning of December, the pressure is still on and there is a great demand for our products. The pressure is also on in our organization. Right now we have an intense focus on product development and training activities. In this month’s ESS:News we visit our own test- and lab operation ”ESSVE Lab”. That’s where our technicians assure quality and develop the formulas that will make new chemical attachments see the light of day. We also share information about ”ESSVE Academy” – our way of ensuring that your reseller can tell you all you want to know about our more advanced products. Selecting ESSVE is supposed to be safe, secure and simple.

Pontus Boman

Busy times in the ”ESSVE Lab”

When we moved into our new office in Kista we also seized the opportunity to invest in our own test- and lab operation, ”ESSVE Lab”. We now have new equipment and a broader range of competence, and our experts have the best possible conditions to assure the quality of our products. During next year we set out to repackage our adhesive and sealant concepts. That means that we are busy in the lab to make sure that we develop the best possible formulas for our adhesive and sealant products.

Product developer Per-Arne Liwell about the efforts:

”I have worked with chemical products for the construction industry for more than 35 years, but have never before had the opportunity to redesign a product range this comprehensively.

“Since we are in full control from the formula to the finished product – with tough tests over the course of the development process – we will supply the market’s top-notch offer.”

“We can proudly say that our products live up to our promises”, says Per-Arne.

”ESSVE Academy makes it easy to sell the product”

Viktor Jönsson is a sales rep at the lumberyard Högsbo Trä in Västra Frölunda. He recently got back to work after a two day ESSVE Academy training and has realized that it will be easier and more fun to sell ESSVE from now on.”We have been an ESSVE reseller for two years but I still had a few ‘eureka moments’ during the training regarding a wide variety of things; from nails to chemical anchors. Now I fully understand that it’s important to really go by the book in using the more advanced products. By brushing the concrete drill hole perfectly clean before applying the chemical anchor the pull load value was three times better compared to when I left dirt in the hole.

“I believe my customers will be very interested in that type of information”, says Viktor.

Viktor attended the advanced class and particularly enjoyed the hands on activities during which the participants got a chance to test the products.

”My self confidence as an ESSVE sales representative is boosted and I will have a much easier time answering questions about the products that I have tested myself.”

Jonas Svensson, Product Manager for fasteners and fixings at ESSVE has been a teacher at ESSVE Academy advanced for close to 10 years. In his opinion the training is about making the resellers feel confident.

”We have a lot of advanced heavy duty fasteners in our assortment. They tend to be key components that ’keep the house together’. If our resellers get a chance to experience the products for themselves, and understand the theory behind them, they can convey a different level of understanding which of course minimizes the risk of faulty mounting.”

Hello ESS:News……

…I am mounting a boat that weighs 300 kilograms in a lightweight concrete (Siporex) ceiling. Would it be enough to attach a closed spelter socket with a lightweight concrete screw or do I also need to use something chemical?
Thanks in advance!
Best regards,Thomas Jaxing, SGS Student housing

Hello Thomas!

Our lightweight concrete screw ’Heavy Load’ is developed for use in porous materials such as Siporex, and there’s no need for pre-drilling. This screw can handle a load of 200 kilograms so if you use a number of different connection points the screw will handle the load. Remember that several screws have to share the load. With that said, it’s not necessarily certain that the ceiling can handle the load.

That depends on the construction and how the weight is distributed. There is a risk that the ceiling will bow, that in turn will lead to cracks. In the worst case scenario the ceiling will collapse.

Good luck with the winter storage of your boat!

//Sebastian Athler, Product Developer/ Technical Expert ESSVE attachments.