New products

New woodscrew for excellent finish
– puts the traditional log screw in the corner!

ESSVE Woodscrew with a flat, low and round head guarantees an excellent finish.


News! Activator for PU-adhesive & foam

Activator with booster functionality for faster and more effective through curing of PU foam, PU-adhesives and stone adhesives. Just spray it, apply the product and mount.


Tip! ESSVE woodscrew Countersunk head CorrSeal is now also available in bucket!

By request from our customers! For heavy users of one dimension, now it´s finally here.

Psst! Did you know that…
… 50 Essve screws are used every second, around the clock and all year round? That makes 1.5 Billion screws per year!

New collaborations

Our very own Pirre is the new ”Arga Snickaren”

This week saw the season premiere of  Swedish TV-show ”Arga Snickaren”. This year it is hosted by the ESSVE-ambassador Per ”Pirre” Starrin and his side-kick Marcus ”Mackan” Nyhlén, known from Ernst Kirchsteiger’s show Sommar med Ernst. ”This is a dream gig on television for me. My attachments of choice will of course be the heavy weight ESSVE, a brand that both Mackan and I have 100 percent confidence in”, says Pirre.

Ask the expert



I am about to attach a top plate onto a lightweight concrete beam. I want to use ESSVE’s Heavy load screw and wonder about the load bearing capacity.

Thanks in advance
// Marina Englahed Andersson,
constructor EMIL VILLA & ELEMENT


Excellent choice! Our lightweight concrete screw is a safe and easy to use fastener that suits your need well. When you use Heavy load there is no need for drilling or using plugs. The screw is one of our best innovations. We guarantee a load bearing capacity of 225 kg in 3MPa lightweight concrete. The only other fasteners that can manage such a load are chemical anchors. Visit our site for more information.

//Sebastian Athler, technical attachment expert and product developer ESSVE

Technical support!
Do you have a question regarding heavy-duty attachments? Contact customer service at

The quote

”Villa Moelven is one piece of evidence that proves how important it is to do the unexpected in an industry that tends to get stuck in its own construction conservatism. Someone needs to point out that it is possible to break free from old habits. It is necessary for the development. That makes Villa Moelven a very important house.”

This text is taken from the Magazine Arkitektur, that had a 10-page story about the prestigious construction project Villa Moelven, where attachments from ESSVE and the ESS-CON-concept played an important role.

New colleagues


Magnus Ekman
Sales representative Stockholm ESSVE Sverige

David Tunberger
Division Manager ESSVE

Fredrik Weden
Sales Manager ESSVE Tech


Pär Arne Käck
Regional Manager and KAM middle Sweden, ESSVE Sverige

Lars Nordin
Regional Manager South, ESSVE Sverige

Joachim Sandoff
KAM/ Sales representative, ESSVE Tech