Our very own Pirre is the new ”Arga Snickaren”

This week saw the season premiere of  Swedish TV-show ”Arga Snickaren”. This year it is hosted by the ESSVE-ambassador Per ”Pirre” Starrin and his side-kick Marcus ”Mackan” Nyhlén, known from Ernst Kirchsteiger’s show Sommar med Ernst.

”This is a dream gig on television for me. My attachments of choice will of course be the heavy weight ESSVE, a brand that both Mackan and I have 100 percent confidence in”, says Pirre.
Via the show, the public in Sweden will learn about the container concept ESS-CON, and Caroline Lundgren, marketing coordinator at ESSVE says that the collaboration is a given in more ways than one.

”Arga Snickaren” is one of Kanal 5:s all time most popular shows. Pirre and Mackan are also extremely provocative which adds a great deal to our brand.

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