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QUESTION: How do I attach a staircase in lightweight concrete?

Hello, I work as a constructor and product developer at Trätrappor Norsjö AB. Customers sometimes ask me how to attach indoor staircases of wood onto lightweight concrete walls. We usually recommend that you put OSBs of the same height as the room on the wall before attaching the staircase. Now I need ESSVE’s help to recommend a suitable screw! Ordinarily the wall attachment will carry a distributed load of 250 kg.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards, Fredrik Hakola, Trätrappor Norsjö AB

ANSWER: Use ESSVE’s lightweight concrete screw!

Hello Fredrik, You write that the distributed load will be about 25o kg. I assume that this weight will be allocated to about 12-20 points of attachment and that you want to hide the attachment and prefer a screw with a countersunk head. The load bearing capacity of a lightweight concrete screw depends on the quality of the lightweight concrete/ light clinker. But the lowest shear load is 30 kg and is applicable for lightweight concrete of the 500 quality and to screws with a diameter of 8 mm. I can also suggest a more coarse screw in our assortment, ”Lightweight concrete screw HL” that has a diameter of 10.5 mm.

Thanks in advance!
Sebastian Athler, technical expert on attachments

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