Premium sealant

New Product! Premium sealant for painters

After four years’ worth of product development we now launch a whole new range of painter’s sealant that will serve the carpenter and professional painter equally well. ESSVE ACRYLIC FLEX 25 % and ESSVE ACRYLIC FLEX 15 % both have a unique elasticity and handles motions between different materials in a revolutionizing way.

These two acrylics are of the highest quality; except for outstanding flexibility they do not turn yellow, are environmentally friendly, are possible to paint over, are suitable for the Nordic climate with its great temperature fluctuations and are also available in several different NCS-conforming colors. Perfect for molding, sockets, panels and windows!


New Product! ESSVE Roofing Screw Decor

The all new ESSVE Roofing Screw has a pan head with a shape that generates an aesthetically pleasing result in cases when you do not want a visible hexagonal head, for example in entryways, on balconies and on corrugated sheet metal. The screw also has an EPDM-seal that guarantees weatherproof mounting.
Tip! Do not over torque the screw at the final stage of the application! It may damage the EPDM-seal and jeopardize the requirement of weatherproof mounting.

Ask the expert

attach a staircase

QUESTION: How do I attach a staircase in lightweight concrete?

Hello, I work as a constructor and product developer at Trätrappor Norsjö AB. Customers sometimes ask me how to attach indoor staircases of wood onto lightweight concrete walls. We usually recommend that you put OSBs of the same height as the room on the wall before attaching the staircase. Now I need ESSVE’s help to recommend a suitable screw! Ordinarily the wall attachment will carry a distributed load of 250 kg.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards, Fredrik Hakola, Trätrappor Norsjö AB


The quote

”ESSVE’S new frame screw centers more easily than the old one and is easier to turn. The fact that you can also mount it using ESSVE’s and Kartro’s tools are another great benefit. Definitely better than the old one!”
Henrik Karlsson, Elitmontage i Kalmar AB om ESSVEs nya karmhylsa.

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