New product! Stone adhesive

ESSVE Rock Adhesive Pro is a foam- mounting adhesive that cures quickly. It fixates after about 10 minutes, and can carry load after about 30-60 minutes. Together with ESSVE Aktivator with booster functionality the curing is 100 % faster. Fixates onto most materials such as Leca, concrete, natural rock, cell plastic, wood, metal, plaster and insulation disks – directly onto a wall!

ESSVE Stone Adhesive has, in contrast to the competition, a multi-adapter and can be used directly with the enclosed pipe.

TIP! We recommend a foam gun as it provides a higher degree of control and the possibility of resuming the work, as well as the possibility of a double string with the accessory ESSVE Y- adapter.

Stone adhesive
Stone adhesive nr2

New product! Stone Adhesive gel
– universal and super quick for smaller projects

Stone Adhesive gel

Stone Adhesive gel is a time saving, effective and entirely waterproof mounting adhesive developed for smaller projects in brick, blocks of rock, lightweight concrete, Leca, stone, concrete, metal, plaster, wood and XPS plastic. Replaces both mounting adhesives and liquid PU-adhesives. The product cures extra fast with ESSVE Aktivator, just like ESSVE Stone Adhesive Pro does – and is perfect at lower temperatures and for sealed applications. Fixates depending on temperature after approximately 5-8 minutes and is load bearing after just an hour. The gel is non-drip and will not run even on walls and ceilings. Suitable to apply with joint gun.

TIP! The product expands about 10-20 % upon curing – apply in moderation! Apply pressure if own weight does not suffice.

Stone Adhesive gel

Spray that boosts curing

ESSVE Aktivator

ESSVE Aktivator is the product that yields faster and more effective fixation and curing all the way through of PU- and rock adhesives. Practical product solution in a spray can. Just to spray on, apply the adhesive of choice and mount. Also makes work possible at temperatures, as low as -18 °, which would otherwise make curing all the way through impossible. Also excellent when an application is too sealed off in order for the moisture of the air to reach it. The product does not damage the surrounding materials and does not leave any permanent stains.

ESSBOX is a smash hit – over 120 000 cases sold!

ESSVE Aktivator

ESSVE’s packaging solution ESSBOX was launched in February 2012 and since then it has wone the hearts of professional craftsmen in Sweden. Recently the milestone 120 000 units sold was reached.

– We have surpassed a goal that we thought would take much longer to achieve. If we look at the number of units sold and the number of employees in the construction industry we can conclude that we supply about one in five craftsmen in Sweden with an ESSBOX”, says Mattias Sebell, Marketing Manager at ESSVE.

Optimal Wood Screw for hinges

ESSVE Wood Screw fully threaded is developed to suit most indoor mounting in wood, particleboard, plywood, plastic, plug and so forth. The shape of the thread provides a high level of abrasion resistance and the countersunk head is adjusted for an optimal fit in hinges and other similar applications.

ESSVE Wood screw HL

A more clear ESSVE

Now ESSVE has initiated the journey toward the goal ’the most clear packages on the market’. No more complicated jargon in English. All products will carry clear labels that indicate what the product does. We also answer the most common questions that our customer service has received.