ESSVE’s environmental efforts

On ESSVE we have since more than a decade working to try to reduce our environmental impact. We want to take responsibility for future generations through responsible environmental work and have in the current situation come a long way.

Our environmental goals are part of our everyday life.

Environmental work is done in collaboration with employees, customers and suppliers. We have established environmental targets, monitor and measure the product, freight transport, suppliers, car and real estate.


We are actively working to replace the products in the range with others that affect the environment less.

Goods transport

We continue to optimize flows, together with B & B TOOLS Supply chain and the other business areas in the goods- out. Internally, we work with a logistics project to further streamline and coordinate shipments and deliveries from our central warehouse. The amount of transportation of dangerous goods is minor. Then we measure the cost of quality, we avoid as far as possible to fly home goods.


We have replaced our fleet of cars with ethanol, biogas or diseldrift with particle filters.


We are working to increase the percentage of suppliers that are ISO 14001 certified. The Company has implemented a web-based questionnaire to our suppliers, known as Supplier Assessment Form; and centralized entire process surrounding the Factory Audit and Supplier Code of Conduct.


The fittings in the room have been replaced with long life and eco lamps, to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort lighting.

Our Environmental Policy

B & B TOOLS Group expresses a desire that the Group must take their share of responsibility to show respect for the environment and contribute to a sustainable development.
Environmental activities will be conducted within the framework of the Group’s business and be well integrated into the operational work. With high competence among employees and by constantly developing the Group’s knowledge of the environmental impacts, a holistic approach pursued on environmental issues. In the selection of suppliers, products and services, ensure minimum environmental impact pursued as far as is technically feasible, economically reasonable and environmentally justified. Recycling of resources should be an important starting point for the Group’s business. Through effective transport solutions and products and quality services we contribute to reducing resource and energy consumption.

By following or exceed the requirements of environmental laws and regulations, the B & B TOOLS Group stimulate each part of the trade chain that through continuous improvement prevent and reduce pollution and other negative environmental impacts.


REACH EU chemicals legislation for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals. ESSVE does not manufacture itself chemical substances or products and imports nor those from a non- EU country. Therefore, we do not collect any chemical substances. But we require and check that our manufacturers and distributors to comply with the requirements of REACH.

In working with REACH, we work closely with our environmental consultant from Good Point AB, which has a continuous monitoring of the REACH progresses our manufacturers and distributors. Goodpoint AB also helps us with the assessment and classification of chemical products, the design of safety data sheets and environmental and building product declarations. In addition, they give us and our clients advice on issues relating to their health and environmental impacts.

If you have any questions regarding ESSVE’s continuing work with REACH, please contact Mary Danielson ( ), consultant at Good Point AB.


BASTA ( Construction Sector settlement of particular hazardous substances)

As part of ESSVE’s environmental work, we work on the construction sector systems best. The heart of the system is the properties criteria, which are based on REACH, with a focus on phasing out the most dangerous substances. For a product to be registered in the BASTA system are a number of qualifying conditions. They consist of demands on both the content of the product and the supplier.

ESSVE want as many products as possible to meet Basta’s highest capacity criteria. By influencing our suppliers to replace the health and environmental hazardous substances in their products when der possible, we strive to one day be able to register all our chemical products in BASTA. Learn more about best on the, where you will find the properties criteria.

Environmental Certificate ISO 14001: 2004

The ISO 14001 standard aims to continuously reduce the total environmental impact. With the help of the standard may lead ESSVE good control of environmental progress of the work in terms of performance and cost. Since 2000 ESSVE environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 : 2004.

ISO 14001: 2004 is intended for all companies and organizations regardless of size and business focus. The environmental management system is a means of rationalizing and improving environmental performance.

The standard is used to:

    • identify and reduce the environmental impact
    • setting concrete targets for improvement
    • obtain a basis for credible communication of environmental
    • introduce environmental management program to achieve their environmental goals
    • ensure that environmental work
    • continuously monitor and evaluate environmental
    • proceed on the basis of monitoring and evaluation
    • introduce governing procedures for environmental work.

To see ESSVE certificate click on the link,  ISO 14001 : 2004

Producer responsibility for packaging

We take our responsibility through our membership in Swedish FTI (formerly REPA ) and Green Point in Norway.
FTI certificate Sweden.