• ESSBOX System is a new, clever storage solution for fasteners. The system consists
    of a heavy duty case and transparent product boxes in a rigid plastic material. Designed
    to make the craftsmen’s job more effective, it reduces wastage and keeps the supplies
    in proper order.
  • The system, which has design protection and is patented, is a unique and flxible
    complete solution – the user easily stocks the case with products that are needed for
    each specifi job.
  • ESSBOX System is easy to use – the craftsman snaps the product boxes in place
    directly to the bottom of the case, and does not have to transfer the products into
    permanent compartments.
  • ESSBOX System is an innovation in the construction industry and ESSVE’s most
    signifiant launch ever.

Focus groups and high-tech product development

  • ESSBOX System is the result of a 4 year product development process and an excess
    of 300 interviews with professional builders. Participants were very positive to the
    ESSBOX System and stated that there presently is no such product on the market.
  • Highlighted unique and clever functionalities:
    • – the users can customize their own cases
    • – heavy duty case and boxes
    • – boxes are easily stacked on top of each other
    • – system facilitates keeping track of the products and order among them

Recyclable and environmentally friendly materials

  • The boxes are recyclable and made ​​from 100 percent of the plastic polypropylene (PP) .
  • The boxes are optimized for transport climate . Each container can be loaded with 15-20
  • percent more packaging, which means a reduction in fuel consumption and environmental impact.