• Made of a recyclable rigid plastic. These boxes will in the long run be the packages used
    for ESSVE’s entire range of fasteners.
  • Transparent boxes make it easy to see what product is in each individual box.
  • The boxes are impact resistant and function well in rough conditions. Rain and snow is
    kept out by the resealable lid. It is tested and meets the IP44-standards, meaning that
    the package withstands water that sprays from all angles.
  • A clever solution for fastening the lid underneath the box helps the user to keep track
    of it. The same holds true when the boxes are packed in the case, which offers a clear
    overview of all the products. Thanks to the clever lid, the boxes are stackable.
  • Among other things, the boxes are approved for storage of food, and can be reused in
    a number of ways.


Keep track of the lid by anchoring it under the box


just about all of the products in ESSVE’s selection of fasteners are packed in the new boxes made of durable, recyclable plastic.


The boxes are stackable and the lid is resealable.Your empty boxes are perfect for storing other things, and are dishwasher.and microwave safe.


All of the boxes carry new informative labels about the product and their areas of application, making it easy for you to pick the proper fastener


95% of all craftsmen have a problem with broken packages,which leads to great wastage.


  • A clear label indicates what the box contains, area of application and technical
    information. It makes it easy to select the right products for each job, and helps the
    craftsman select the proper product.
  • Product information on the label is available in 15 languages.
  • The main language on the labels is English.