• ESSBOX System is a new, clever storage solution for fasteners. The system consists
    of a heavy duty case and transparent product boxes in a rigid plastic material. Designed
    to make the craftsmen’s job more effective, it reduces wastage and keeps the supplies
    in proper order.
  • The system, which has design protection and is patented, is a unique and flxible
    complete solution – the user easily stocks the case with products that are needed for
    each specifi job.
  • ESSBOX System is easy to use – the craftsman snaps the product boxes in place
    directly to the bottom of the case, and does not have to transfer the products into
    permanent compartments.
  • ESSBOX System is an innovation in the construction industry and ESSVE’s most
    signifiant launch ever.


ESSBOX System is flexible solution that allows you to simply and quickly
load the case to fit the needs for each job. Minimize wastage and save time and money.


Anchor the lids under the boxes for an overview of the products you have loaded in


The octagon pattern at the bottom of the case keeps the boxes in place,irrespective of the lids being on the top or the bottom of the boxes.


The ESSBOX System has a patented design that secures the boxes during transport,even when the case isn’t fully packed.


A robust and solid construction protects the contents and with standse extreme weather conditions and harsh environments.


No more running back and forth to the car to get the right stuff.ESSBOX System keeps all of your fasteners in one place