ESSVE has since 1970 delivered more than just products, we have delivered a promise of always offering the smartest mounting solution.

ESSVE begins his story in 1970 and was at that time a general store. The products they brought was including a sealing product that was used to prepare asphalt, and ladders, flagpoles and fixings.

1979 LM Ericsson buys ESSVE

Now the company from being a stores to focus on the fixings. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a great sales focus, they decided to sell the ladders, scaffolding and flagpoles. The idea of ​​”being able to draw anything in anything” became the motto.

During this period the company bought ESSVE Haga Machine, which had the agency for Makita in Sweden, and took over Paslode in Sweden.

1984 makes ESSVE one of Sweden’s first MBO and the company gets 500 new ambassadors

In 1984 LM Ericsson wanted to sell ESSVE and sister company Thorsman & Co to ​​Andersson’s Industries for subsequent IPO. The management went against the proposed decision and offered instead to make a Management Buy Out ( MBO ). After the buyout was offered to all employees and employees of dealers to invest in the company through convertible debentures. The result was that the company received 500 new ambassadors.

1987 ESSVE listed on the OTC list

1987 was listed ESSVE on the OTC list. In connection with a rights issue. In the years built ESSVE properties in Sollentuna, Sweden, Malmo and Uddevalla. The properties were sold in 1989, just before the big property crisis, with ESSVE remain as a tenant in the premises. 2001 moved the warehouse from Uddevalla Ulricehamn.

1990 ESSVE turnover of SEK 500 million and Ferro takes over operations

In 1990, negotiations began to sell ESSVE. The Group’s turnover is now about 500 million. In 1991 the company acquired Ferro ESSVE through a share exchange. Bergman & Beving went in as a ” white knight ” and offered to acquire ESSVE shareholder’s shares in Ferro. During 1994, the Bergman & Beving to make a bid for the remaining outstanding shares in Ferro and thus became 100 percent owner of Ferro with its subsidiaries ESSVE Järnia, Luna and Protect .

2010 ESSVE celebrates 40 years

ESSVE innovations over the years:

  • 1970
  • Genomsticksexpandern
  • 1972
  • Programa karmskruv
  • 1974
  • Kemankare
  • 1978
  • Spikplugg
  • 1986
  • Ankarmassa
  • 1994
  • Konstruktionslim 850
  • 1995
  • Fogskum 90
  • 1997
  • MS Fog
  • 1997
  • CUTTERS trallskruv
  • 1999
  • Fog & Drev 199
  • 2002
  • CUTTERS träskruv
  • 2003
  • Golden Anchor Expander
  • 2006
  • CorrSeal ytbehandling
  • 2008
  • HEX träskruv
  • 2009
  • Aqua gipsskruv
  • 2009
  • Torpedo MAX trallskruv
  • 2009
  • ESSTack
  • 2012
  • ESSBOX System