Quality of ESSVE

Quality is important to us at ESSVE. Our customers should be able to trust that our products are functioning correctly and follow the requirements governed by laws and regulations, that we deliver on time and deliver what we promise. You should always meet the high levels of service and just get the support you need from us.

Safe Products

ESSVE has a wide range of products that comply with laws and regulations in the Nordic region, we are working to get them approved at European level.
We are always looking for the best products on the market. If the products are not good enough, we will replace them or develop your own, improved product.
We test all the products in our product range and performs sampling, both in the production and delivery to our warehouse.

Security of supply

Our deliveries shall be made at the right time, right place. We measure and monitor our deliveries to ensure that this happens.

Customer service

We will provide our customers with accurate and clear information so that it becomes easy to select the right product. If you are unsure, customer service to be a fast and reliable help.

Once a year we conduct a customer survey where we get to know what customers are satisfied with and what you want us to improve. This, and our own monitoring forms the basis for a continuous improvement.

Our quality policy :

B & B TOOLS Group strives to exceed customer requirements and expectations. Our customers should feel confident in getting the right product at the right time, where we offer products and services with best quality at the lowest total cost. We strive for good and professional relationships with our stakeholders and that each employee engaged in their own and the group’s quality work through continuous improvement.

Quality Certificate ISO