September 2014

September 2014

We make fastening easier, safer and more profitable!

Fall is upon us and the people in our industry have a couple of hectic months ahead of them. We still see a positive market development even though the number of initiated building projects has decreased slightly. Over the summer we have launched a whole range of nail guns and have additional exciting new products on the way in all segments. At the end of this letter you will find examples of new products that are already in stock.

Pontus Boman
CEO ESSVE Products

During the spring we conducted our annual ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’. You gave us clear feedback that we need to provide you with strengthened ‘market support’. We decided to act on this information immediately and since August 1st we have a new competent co-worker, Caroline, who will turn the temperature up in our marketing function.

Now we adopt a system for recyclable pallets!

As of September ESSVE has joined the recycle system “Byggpall” that means that we from now on offer both EUR-pallet and “Byggpall” in Sweden. Prices and recycling compensations are set by the trade-organizations Sveriges byggindustrier (BI), Sveriges bygg- and järnhandlareförbund (SBJF) as well as Byggmaterialindustrierna.


French wood screw for the heavy-duty jobs

Now French wood screw is available in ESSBOX. A classic screw that with its wider dimension and hexagonal head is ideal for fastening in coarse materials outdoors.

New tin roof screw with better seal

Our new tin roof screw DECOR is designed for tin sheets fastening onto wooden or tin surfaces. What’s so smart about this newcomer is that the EPDM-seal makes it even more weather proof. The screw’s low, panhead hides the EPDM-rubber when it’s screwed securely in place. The shape of the head also provides an esthetically pleasing mounting where you do not want the hexagonal head to show

HVAC-screw for bathroom interiors

Our new HVAC-screw is developed for fastening toilet bowls, hand basins and other bathroom interiors. Ii is suitable for fastening in wood, plastic or in nylon sleeve. The screw is polished and has a panhead.

”I attached the boat chairs with ESSTACK”

This summer didn’t only provide us with an abundance of sun; we also got a hot tip from one of our readers. Erik, a 35-year-old carpenter from Hälsingland wanted to mount new chairs in his day cruiser, dating back to the early 70s. His challenge was that the floor of the boat, a thin painted sheet of plywood, wasn’t strong enough to fasten the chair securely onto it.
Erik, how did you come to think of ESSTACK?
– Well, an adhesive may not be what comes to mind first in a situation like this, but then I remembered reading about an artist in a previous edition of ESS:News. It was about a woman who fastened large mosaic installations in public buildings with ESSTACK. I thought that I could try to reinforce the floor by fixing a thick OSB-sheet with ESSTACK and then try to secure the chairs fastener in both of the materials.

Which type did you choose?
– On ESSVE’s website ESSTACK Easy was described as the best alternative at low temperatures. My boat sits outside all year so that felt like the best choice. Now I have used the chairs since May and they are still stuck like glue.
ESSTACK is a range of extreme instant grab adhesives that attach onto most materials and stay rock solid.