Villa Moelven

ESSVE nail guns have built Sweden’s most talked about house!


Norway’s largest wood producer wanted to create a showroom in the form of an architect-designed non-prefabricated wooden house, ‘Villa Moelven’. In order to keep the productivity high, to be in control of the consumption and prevent delayed deliveries they needed an on site container concept. ESS-CON was in a class of its own compared to the competition.
“They were very happy about how our container concept supplied the carpenters with a customized and always fully stocked selection of supplies and tools on site. We told them about our future success launch and offered the construction team to test the new product range, says Mattias Sebell, Marketing Manager at ESSVE. A week later every construction worker had a green gun in his or her hand.

This is how the team behind Moelven describes the collaboration with ESSVE on their website: “The container concept, in combination with the ESSBOX System, is an invaluable asset for each construction project. Add to that the support team at ESSVE and everything else suddenly seems amateurish.”
The load-bearing frame in Villa Moelven consists of pillars, beams and joist floors in laminated wood. Everything is visible in the entire house, requiring the nail guns to perform extremely well. “It’s awesome that our green guns have contributed in a project that salutes the natural resources from the forest, traditional construction techniques and environmentally friendly solutions”, says Mattias.

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Recycable pallets

byggpallAs of September ESSVE has joined the recycle system “Byggpall” that means that we from now on offer both EUR-pallet and “Byggpall” in Sweden. Prices and recycling compensations are set by the trade-organizations Sveriges byggindustrier (BI), Sveriges bygg- and järnhandlareförbund (SBJF) as well as Byggmaterialindustrierna.

Byggpall whole pallet 1,200 x 800 mm: 83 SEK/pc
Byggpall half pallet 800 x 600 mm: 70 SEK/pc

Recycle compensation:
Byggpall whole pallet 1200 x 800 mm 50 SEK/pc
Byggpall half pallet 800 x 600 mm 40 SEK/pc

The compensation for all pallets is the same regardless of the shape they are in. That means that a pallet that is broken or in bad condition still will receive the same compensation. For further information please contact the recycle system “Byggpall pallaktör Norrlandspall” AB at +46-20-27 00 00, or .

When deliveries from other B&B TOOLS-companies are shipped together “Byggpall” will be used if it is pre-selected at one of the companies. In order to select “Byggpall” from ESSVE or if you have other questions please contact ESSVE customer service or your local sales rep.

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Frame sleeve Indu-prog

ESSVE gains territory with upgraded window/door frame sleeve!

”We have put quite a few hours into this product development, and our unique frame sleeve Indu-Prog now has more positive qualities than before. The fact that this is the absolutely best frame sleeve on the market is proven by both internal and external tests”, say Jonas Svensson, Category Manager fixings at ESSVE. 
In order to make it easier for resellers and end customers, ESSVE keeps both the previous prices and article numbers. The improvements are, so to speak, on us.


7 reasons for choosing Frame sleeve Indu-prog:
1) SUITABLE FOR MACHINE USE: The external dimension of the sleeve is compatible with automated factory mounting equipment.
2) STAYS IN PLACE: The head is equipped with a ring that centers the screw and prevents it from changing position during mounting.
3) CUTS ITS OWN THREADS: The threading of the sleeve has been sharpened in order to cut its own threads when mounted in aluminum frames.
4) EFFECTIVE CUTTING GROOVES: The cutting grooves at the bottom of the head have been made sharper in order to improve the cutting features.
5) REQUIRES NO SPECIAL TOOLS: The sleeve can be mounted and adjusted with both an 8mm and 10mm key, with all of the existing mounting tools on the market.
6) CONFORMS TO STANDARDS: Adjusted to better fit the M16-standard, which facilitates mounting in pre-threaded steel frames.
7) PROFESSIONAL LOOK: The sleeve will remain electro-zinc plated, which offers less friction in aluminum and wood as well as giving it a professional, shiny look.

Did you know that ESSVE offers 3 types of frame fixings?
1) Frame screw Programa – For improvement, rebuilding and expansion work, such as changing windows and doors in old buildings.
2) Frame sleeve Indu-prog – For new production of larger objects.
3) Frame screw L®
– used for mounting of lighter interior doors and smaller windows.

ESSVE Indu-prog frame sleeve in the new design is available from mid- August. If you want to test the sleeve today, please contact ESSVE customer service at or +46-8-6236150

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Sill plate screw

The pressure is on with ESSVE’S sill plate screw!

syllskruv 2syllskruv 3

ESSVE’S new hardened sill plate screw is produced for mounting of 45-50 mm thick sill plate/frame beams onto concrete. The surface treatment handles Climate Class 2, which is the requirement for mounting in unheated, under roof, spaces. Mount it directly in a pre-drilled hole without a plug. Its countersunk head does not restrict the mounting position of wood studs/beams.

3 truths about ESSVE’s new sill plate screw! 
Do not overpull the screw! It will not make the fixing stronger – on the contrary it’s weakened! 
The screw works well in natural rock and brick. 
The load bearing capacity increases with the mounting depth.

: 7.5×92, pre-drill with a 6mm concrete drill.
Bits: TX30. Surface treatment: 12 my zinc.
Load: Approved load in C20/25 concrete, tension load 100kg/shear load 260kg.
Article number: 105 270.
Packaging: ESSBOX 304 – 100 pc.
Stock status: Available.

1) Drill a 14 mm hole in the frame  2) Select Frame sleeve Indu Prog           3) Twist the sleeve into the hole

Now the mounting can be adjusted with a frame sleeve to become absolutely straight!

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Roofing screw DECOR

Roofing screw DECOR with Pan Head


ESSVE Roofing screw DECOR has a reduced flange head for fastening of tin profile sheets to a wooden surface as well as for tin on tin (overlap). The screw is made of zinc plated hardened carbon steel with a coat of polyester powder. It has an EPDM- seal for weatherproof application. It has a low pan head with a Ø14.0 mm and is shaped so that the EPDM-rubber is concealed once the screw is in place. This head provides an esthetically pleasing result when you do not want a visible hexagonal head. The screw has a TX25 recess.


Upon application the screw should not be pulled to tightly. It can damage the EPDM-seal, which in turn jeopardizes the weatherproof mounting. Recommended rotation speed: 1,000 – 2,500/min.

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