Instruction Movies for Anchor

Area of Application

ESSVE CM 300E Chemical Anchor is a European Approved chemical anchor, designed to install stud bolts or threaded rodin solid and porous materials such as concrete, natural stone, brick, hollow block material and lightweight concrete. Lightweight concreteis also known as Leca, Ytong, Siporex, blue concrete, etc.


ESSVE CM 300E Chemical Anchor is a 2-component epoxy acrylate compound .CM 300E Chemical Anchor is used with a conventional cartridge gun for application.CM 300E Chemical Anchor is not classified as health or environmental hazardous. The product has no danger symbols and are both styreneand phthalate free, see the Safety Data Sheet.


ESSVE CM 300E is exempt from the Swedish Work Environment Authority?s thermosetting plastic publication (AFS 2005:18 Section 2) concerning trainingand medical examination. The product may be used freely, provided that the installation is performed according to the instructions.