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Area of Application

ESSVE ECM Chemical Anchor is designed to install stud bolts, threaded rod or rebar in solid and porous materials such as concrete, natural stone, brick, hollow block material and lightweight concrete. Lightweight concrete is also known as Leca, Ytong, Siporex, blue concrete, etc.


ECM ChemicalAnchor is a 2-component compoundconsistingof polyester resin, hardener and quartz sand. ECM Chemical Anchor is available in three sizes, 175 ml, 300 ml and 410 ml. ECM 175 ml and ECM 300 ml are used with a standard cartridge gun during application. For ECM 410 ml Cartridge Gun ECM 410 is used. ECM ChemicalAnchor is not classed as health or environmental hazardous.
The productshave no danger symbols and arebothstyrene and phthalatefree, see the Safety Data Sheet. Empty packaging are separated for waste collection as plastic.