ESSVE WAF Wood screw with flat and low skull of an aesthetic installation, skull round and thin shape ensures a neat final installation. See the page in PDF format.

  • #1 Engineered for a perfect installation in beam and pole shoes.
  • #2 Very small head height – advantage if additional rule shall be installed on top of the screw.
  • #3 Surface treated in C4 class – ideal for outdoor installation in the Nordic climate.
  • #4 A better and stronger option than eg French wood screws in structural wood.
  • #5logo1

The screw is made of hardened carbon steel with Silver CorrSeal C4 -rated coating for indoor and outdoor use. With fiber inserts in the tip may screw a low iskruvningsmoment and minimizes the risk of crack formation. TX -bit bracket creates an optimum grip between the screw and drill bits. The screw thread form is for most installations in wood, chipboard, plywood and board materials.
The screw has a large head diameter, giving a very high clamping force and the head also has a very low height, which offers advantages in installation.
On the screws longer than 70mm, there is an additional cut thread right after the usual trägängan. This is to facilitate the assembly of longer and thicker bolt.
The underside of the screw head is designed to fit correctly when installing in beam and pole climbers.
ESSVE Wood screw WAF meets the CE requirement according to.
EN 14592.


Recommended speed : 1100-2500 /min.