ESSVE Academy is our way of ensuring that dealers can help our joint end customers in the best way possible. Training in the ESSVE Academy gives you knowledge about fastening technology, attachments, nails, screws and Adhesive and Sealant. The courses are well attended and over 1000 have so far completed the course.

Jonas Svensson, product manager for ESSVE attachment, has been the course leader at ESSVE Academy for almost ten years.

– Our dealers are our ambassadors, Essve’s extended arm in the retail market. We have many advanced fixings in our catalog. Not infrequently the key components, that” holds together the house.” For an uncertain seller, these products can feel scary to sell, says Jonas. They get to test, clamp, feel and understand the theory behind the product.

Knowledge is not hard to bear.

ESSVE retail training

For a safe and sustainable mounting, the choice of attachment is crucial. Therefore, we offer local training, tailored to your business needs. This means that your staff can get a deep knowlege on the fixings you use.

The training includes :

  • Proposal on the most cost effective ways to mount
  • Information on new laws and regulations related to the assembly and attachment
  • Practical exercises where everyone gets a chance to test all fixings
  • Tips for mounting that increase the efficiency and safety

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